4 Ideas for a Fancy Date

Casual dates are fine but when it comes to celebrate a special occasion or a big relationship milestone, you’ve got to get a bit fancy! Fancy dates aren’t just about spending a lot; the main idea is to go above and beyond to show your deep appreciation for your significant other. It’s the perfect way to say ‘thank you for being in my life!’

The problem is that can often be tough to come up with fresh ideas for a fancy date, especially after you’ve gone through several already. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of a few excellent ones to inspire you:

Fancy Dinner

Before you roll your eyes and groan about how you’ve done this before, there are several ways you can make dinner a new experience. You could take part in what is a progressive dinner, where you have one course at per restaurant. For instance, if you’re in the Melbourne area, you could have appetizers and a few drinks at a fancy bar, the main course at one of the finest Yarra Valley restaurants and desert at a nice café.

In addition you could add some delightful twists to dinner. For example, if you could have flowers sent to the table or request some special candles, you could make build up a much more romantic atmosphere. In addition, you could do things like a book a fancy car ride to and from the date or hire some musicians to serenade you.

Arrange a Spa Day

If you and your significant other have been stressed out lately, then a spa day could be just what you need. A day of pampering won’t just help you relax but also allow you to have some much needed intimacy. Spa activities like a couples’ massage, mud bath, facials and so much more can do much to instantly uplift your mood.

A Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are extremely romantic. You’re leaving behind stressful situations at home and work, and just spending time quality together with your significant other. What makes a weekend getaway fancy is the location and what you choose to do. You should definitely pick a hotel or resort that’s known for excellent personalized service so that neither one of you has to lift a finger all weekend.

We highly recommend that you leave your stinginess at home and spend what’s necessary to give your SO a memorable trip. Spring for fancy dinners and scenic tours and you’ll be rewarded by seeing their faces light up with joy.

Attend an Art Gallery

Nothing’s fancier than looking at some fantastic modern art at a prestigious gallery event. This is a particularly fantastic idea if you and your significant other are both art lovers. As a bonus, most prestigious art events will include wine and appetizers, which helps to make it more of a date.

And there you have it- 4 ideas for a fancy date! If you want to show your deep appreciation for your significant other, then there’s nothing better than getting fancy. If you’re lacking ideas, then hopefully these four should help inspire you.




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