Matching Accessories for Your Wedding Outfit

You wedding attire is not just the dress you have planned to wear. And therefore your shopping should not end when you find the perfect dress. You still need to match your metals, your shoes and your veils and all the other accessories that will add the final touches to the outfit. Take a lool at the tips below to see how to match the accessories with your gown on your special day.

Match Your Jewellery

The metals you choose mostly depend on the colour of your dress. If you are going for the traditional white gown, it is best paired with silver, platinum or pearls. A diamond white gown will be best off with rose gold. You can also match it with yellow gold, silver or even pearls. Match your jewellery with the colour of your dress. Since gold is a warm colour it goes best with light warm tones such as champagne, ivory or pink tones. Silver is best matched with more fabrics that has slight blue or grey tones. If you are planning to exclude the veil from your outfit you can choose a headdress that matches the rest of your jewellery.

Don’t Forget Your Neckline

The neckline of bridal gowns and wedding dresses matter when picking the right necklace or the earring. Necklaces will look good with gowns that has an open neckline, such as low scoop, V-neck or strapless. For necklines such as sweetheart or bateau, add a pair of stud earrings. A high neck gown or an asymmetrical neckline will match with a pair of dangle earrings with a bracelet with no necklaces. For an off shoulder neckline, a pair of statement earrings will suit the best.


There are many style for veils from the classic veil to birdcage veil. One way to choose the perfect veil is to match it with the shade of your gown. Remember not to let your veil steal the spotlight. It should not overpower your dress. Cathedral veils and shoulder length veils are a great option for both tall and short brides so if you are not sure of what to choose depending on your height, this is a safe option. If you want to add a little height to your silhouette, stay away from fingertip veils as it will only make you look smaller.


It is ok to look for amazing pairs of shoes but keep in mind to choose a pair that you will be comfortable in. Try on the shoes before you purchase them and check the straps and the heel. If the heel is too high or if the straps do not fit in properly, then try looking for another pair. You will have to wear this for the rest of the day so the last thing you will want is them to squish your feet or give you cramps. For a beach wedding flats are the best since you don’t want your heels to sink in the sand. You can also buy heel grips and gel insoles to keep your shoes comfortable through the day.

Matching the right accessories will help you to put together a perfect look. Pay close attention to the designs, patterns and colours when you are choosing the accessories to make sure they match with the rest of your outfit.




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