When to go for Couples Therapy

It is never too late to recognise you need help in your relationship. There can be issues that you find hard to resolve on your own. But that is what couples therapy is for. This will help you create a healthy relationship with your partner so that you can hold onto each other for more years to come.

Not communicating properly is one thing that can strain a relationship.

You will find that you and your partner are able to communicate your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way. Sometimes what you say can be hurtful and negative communication can create a lot of bumps in a relationship. You may end up not talking about a critical issue just because it is too painful to talk about it. Or you may not be able to talk about the issue in a calm way without one party getting angry. But with a trained therapist, you can learn how to communicate effectively without hurting the other person. This will allow you to talk about tough topics without breaking down. Listening is also a good skill for a healthy relationship. Just like you are learning how to express yourself in better ways, couples therapy will also show you how and when to listen to your partner.

You may come across conflicts that are very difficult and sometimes impossible to resolve.

And no matter how much talking you do, you may not be able to come to a solution with your partner. But this can cause a rift between you and you may not be able to address important issues in the relationship. This will prevent you from progressing in your relationship. If you feel like a particular issue is holding you back and you are not able to find a way to resolve it, you can visit psychologisttownsville.com.au to make an appointment. Deciding to go to couples therapy will be the first step you are taking to better your relationship and you will soon be able to have a more positive outlook on your relationship.      

Sometimes you can feel that there is a loss of intimacy in the relationship.

It can become difficult to maintain intimacy over time. Intimacy can be physical or emotional. And this is an important part of your relationship. With a psychologist, you will be able to understand why intimacy has weakened in your relationship and how you can strengthen it. There are also certain things that can break the trust in a relationship such as infidelity. It can be hard to work through your emotions and decide what the next step is when your partner has been unfaithful. If you are willing to build trust and move forward, you can express these emotions and find a way to overcome this in couples therapy. Sometimes you may feel like you and your partner don’t have any common ground. It is normal to have different values and goals but you can learn to find a shared vision for your future as a couple all the while staying true to each other’s values.




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