Types of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own

Lingerie is something that every woman must own. It feels good to look good at; and a tasteful selection of lingerie could not only help you feel more attractive but it could also help you be more confident when you attend public events. You will know that your underwear is not visible and that the bumpy bits aren’t showing either. So if you are looking to buy lingerie here are some types that you really need to have in your wardrobe right now.

The Neutral Slip

Imagine that you are wearing a sheer white dress, or that you are wearing something that has very thin fabric even if it is not see through. Your underwear will be visible and sometimes if the fabric is anything like silk or satin it will pick up all the areas that you do not want to draw attention to. That is not a good feeling. The neutral slip is the right type of lingerie that can remedy both these situations. They are usually made of a cotton or sometimes even a silk mix and will hide the seams of your underwear beautifully. This is not the hottest item in your lingerie drawer really and is not even meant to be form-fitting. It is more of something that is comfortable and practical.

The Lacy Bodysuit

The first and the most obvious fact about wearing one of these is that if you are daring enough you can simply throw a pair of high waisted jeans over it and even go out. You do not need to keep readjusting the top and trying to make sure that it does not pop out. You will also have a seamless and very tidy look because bodysuits once worn stay out while not limiting your movement. Also in case you have not noticed these are incredibly hot and glam to wear and they make you look great immediately. They can also be worn underneath something that is sheer so that you get the best possible coverage. Because they stay so snug on your body they can also be perfect as a substitute for uncomfortable and bulky layering if the weather turns a bit chilly. They also come in many different styles, sizes and colours which mean that you won’t be lacking for choice. Unlike the romper or the pantsuit you will not need to undress completely if you need to use the bathroom because the snaps underneath will allow you to either open.

A Chic Robe to Relax In

Who says that you have to have lingerie for special moments? Chilling out after a long day of work with a glass of wine draped in a soft and luxurious slinky robe while you watch your favourite movie or read your favourite book is special enough too and for that reason, a slinky robe is something that every girl needs to have in their wardrobe. Make sure that the material is soft and light so that you can actually relax in it.


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