Tips in Organizing the Best Hen Party Ever

As the bridesmaid being tasked of planning and organizing a hen’s party for your best friend, putting things together may seem daunting especially if you have no experience in it before. There are plenty of things to consider aside from the budget and location. With the entire bride’s friends gathered together, one great challenge is to keep everyone entertained and makes things flow smoothly. Here are some tips that could help you plan out the best hen’s party your best friend will surely enjoy and remember.

Set the Numbers Straight

Before planning all the activities for the party, first let the bride create a list of the people she wants to invite in the hen party. Aside from helping you estimate how much budget you’ll need for the event; you can also be assured that you won’t forget anyone during the invitation.

When you already know how many people are expected to attend the party, you can now decide what kind of party you’d organize and where it should be held. For example, if you’re planning to hold the event on a different place or country, make sure to set it for a few more days so that everyone can get the most of the trip. Don’t forget to ask the bride about her preferred kind of hen party to be sure that she’ll enjoy the whole event.

Create a Budget

After knowing how many people are attending and what kind of party the bride wants, the next thing to do is to set the budget. One-night hen parties are definitely cheaper than longer ones. Also, if the bride wants the event to be held on a different place, it would also cost more because of the added accommodation and travel expenses. However, you might get great deals when you go in large numbers.

Pick the Location

It would be nice to set the party far away. However, you also need to consider the budget and the guests if they are able to come to the set location. As much as possible, be sure that all the guests can attend so that the bride will surely enjoy the event.

Plan Out Activities and Entertainment

Choosing the right activities and entertainment keeps the party flowing smoothly and more enjoyable for everyone. There are plenty of fun activities you can do such as dress up photoshoot, dance workshops, beauty treats and a lot more. Adult entertainment is also a classic part of hen parties. If the bride is up for something wilder and hotter, bring the best Adelaide Magic Mike strip show into the party by hiring professional male strippers to perform in the party.

Don’t Forget the Food

Food is important in every party. Aside from setting the right food combinations in the menu, be sure to check with the guests if they have dietary restrictions or requirements to avoid unfed guests during the party.

The bride is the main focus of the hen party. Keep everything suited to her preferences and you’ll definitely have the perfect hen party for your best friend.




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