Tips for Upgrading Your Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity is an essential component of your bathroom and this will also double as a design feature. You can give new life to this by upgrading it and you will be able to improve its functionality and appearance instantly.

Consider what your needs are when it comes to a bathroom vanity

And whether there are any improvements to be made to what you already have. Maybe you are looking to expand storage space or improve the appearance by creating a more modern vanity. The functionality can be improved with an upgrade and you will be able to update the colour scheme as well. Consider the needs of your family as well. If your family has expanded, you will need to have the bathroom vanity adapt to this so that it allows everyone to use it properly. You can contact a company for bathroom renovations Rockhampton to ensure all your requirements are met in the upgrade. They will visit the site to measure the available space. This will include the width, height and depth of the available space along with electrical outlets, surrounding walls, plumbing fixtures etc. The vanity design chosen should suit the dimensions of the bathroom and its proportions. There should be sufficient space for movement in the bathroom along with accommodating other fixtures.

There are different bathroom vanity styles you will come across.

Ornate detailing will be seen in traditional styles and clean lines are seen in modern styles. The latter tends to have a minimalist aesthetic. You can also combine the elements from modern and traditional styles to create a timeless look for the vanity. If you have a rustic style bathroom, you can align the vanity style for this and you can have natural wood finishes to match. There are also vintage vanities that will have antique designs. You will be able to create a seamless upgrade when the style of the vanity matches the overall style of your bathroom. Storage is very important when it comes to designing a bathroom vanity. Think about all the things you need to store there such as hair products styling products, makeup, toiletries, towels etc. You can use open shelves, cabinets, drawers and built in organisers to improve storage.

If you have a smaller bathroom,

You don’t need to worry about not having sufficient storage space; you can simply use vertical space. If you have multiple users and a spacious layout, you can also consider increasing the number of sinks and doubling the vanity. It is important to choose quality materials so that the vanity lasts for a long time. Also, the vanity will be in a highly humid or moisture environment so the materials should be able to withstand these conditions. Some of the materials you can consider for a bathroom vanity are plywood which is budget friendly, MDF, solid wood, granite, marble, quartz, tempered glass and engineered wood. More maintenance is required by marble, solid wood and tempered glass; the latter will need frequent cleaning to keep up its shine.




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