Simple Ways in Which One Can Motivate Employees

One of the key ingredients towards a productive workplace is to have your employees become motivated in their work, but how can this be done? You see there are different factors on why people work and why people do the things that they do, so there are only a limited number of ways to generally motivate a varied group of people. Here are some of the simple yet very effective motivational methods for your employees.

Task Incentives

Of course, you have to give incentives, why? Because people do not go to work to make your company successful, they go to work because they need to put food on the table. So how can you, as the boss or manager, have them take on the perspective of the company vision and direction?

Simple! By having incentives for them in accomplishing a task, this might not be purely monetary in nature but there has to be an incentive when it comes to accomplishing tasks and projects so that they can sync with the company’s perspective and goals.

Keep them Engaged

For starters engagement surveys can be a great start in actively engaging and including your employees in company decisions and issues. You can start by knowing their perceived level of involvement in all aspects of company or departmental policy or decision making that might affect them and how they work.

Knowing that their voice is heard and that they are included on such important matters is vital in maintaining loyalty and transparency in the workplace. Having highly engaged and involved employees could greatly motivate them not just to do their jobs right, but to run the extra mile for a task. 

Merit based Promotion

One thing that greatly inhibits growth in a workplace is when the boss does not see the effort and merit of the employees and with this the employee feels that their career growth is stunted because they cannot move up the promotion or even so their growth and development as a professional is not appreciated and recognized by the administration.

One thing that can be done to combat this is to create a culture within the company wherein promotion is merit-based and not on connection. You see when employees see that their effort can land them a better status and better rank within the company.

Offer Freedom

One of the greatest aspects of business that you can give to your employees to motivate them to do their best or even to report for work daily is to give them the freedom to operate and the freedom to grow on their own and you as the boss can simply guide them towards that growth and if that freedom does not cost the company anything then you can let them be.

You have to perceive your employees in a positive light before you can actually give them this autonomy, you have to see them as highly motivated and responsible individuals so that you can be confident in how they operate within your business parameters. As the boss it is a part of our jobs to make sure that our employees are motivated enough to do their utmost best for the company, and diligent enough so that they can remain loyal not just for the company but also for the vision and goals it stands for.




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