A Quick Wedding Checklist For a Bride-to-Be

Planning a wedding is never easy. Here are some great tips on what you should be ticking off two months before the wedding.

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Sixteen Months to Eight Months before the Big Day

Once you have that big engagement ring on your finger start gathering up bridal, catering, design, and fashion magazines. You might want the help from your girlfriends. Once you know what you want you can start a wedding scrapbook with the details of what you want. Tear off and paste on the scrapbook of whatever you think best fits your taste and your style.

Sit down with your soon-to-be-your-partner and take your pens and calculators and start deciding on the exact amount you are able to spend for the big day. It might be really hard, but the sooner you decide it, the easier.

While you are at it, you can decide on the guest list as well. You will need your partner to decide this as well. If you are trying to keep your costs at bay, you might have to resort to the hard way and cut down on a lot of guests.

Seven Months before the Big Day

If you think you are not ready to do things on your own you can go ahead and hire yourself a wedding planner. It is only understandable to seek help, especially if you do not have the right amount of time to run around and cross everything off the list.

Do not forget to lock down on the perfect wedding dress. This is where all the scrapbook content you prepared a few months ago will come in handy. You need to take care of the dress at least six months before the special day because you might need at least three dress fittings. If you are custom making the dress, you might need a bit more time with the dress than with one you brought from a store. However, you will need to talk to your designer about the timeline.

It is the right time to book the photographer, the videographer and whatever the entertainment option you have decided on. Decide on the hotel or the destination and the caterers too. If you are planning to have the wedding at a hotel you will probably have the hotel taking care of the catering.

FiveTo Six Months before the Big Day

Gather all the necessary official documents and meet up with officiate you have decided. The types of official documents will change according to your particular religion and even the state.

Start designing the invitation cards and also you can start sending them if you are planning to invite someone living abroad.

It is also the right time to decide on the cake and order it. You should also have the makeup artists and hair dressers ready.

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Three To Two Months before the Big Day

Purchasing the rings at this time is a good idea so that you have enough time to resize and engrave them.

You need to have finalized on a menu and your guest list. This makes it the right time for you to order and place a down payment on the number of plates.


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