Elf Décor Ideas for Christmas

The elf on the shelf tradition is a fun part of Christmas and this is a great way to get your children involved in family traditions and excited about the season. And in addition to finding the right elf for your home, you can find so many ways to decorate the house according to this theme. And this will transform your home and bring about holiday festiveness.

You can start with the arrival scene for the elf.

You can create a set up in the living room or near the front door that will tell your children that the elf is arriving from the North Pole. Some of the props you can use for this will be a tiny sleigh, faux snow and twinkling lights. There can be foot prints coming from outside indicating that the elf has arrived. You can also look for elf Christmas ideas that can be incorporated with the Christmas tree. You can have the elf positioned at an unexpected spot in the tree and they can be surrounded by tiny gifts. And the elf can move from branch to branch on each night and your children can make it a game to find the next stop the elf will be hiding in. And there can actually be tiny miniature gifts inside the gift box. For example, you can wrap a hair clip, whistle, candy etc. which can be another surprise for the children.     


No place is safe when you have an elf in the house!

And you can set up so many different scenarios in different rooms of the house that will cause a lot of laughter. For example, the elf can be in the kitchen trying to steal from the cookie jar. You can also have a miniature pantry created so that you can position the elf baking Christmas treats. And you can also write small notes to the children from the elf telling them of the adventures the elf has been on. There is no end to the fun you can create around the elf on the shelf. For example, you can create an enchanting scene in the living room where the elves are having a snowball fight. And in this scenario, the snowballs will actually be marshmallows. You can also use cotton balls for this.

Then there are classic décor elements such as candy canes that can be used.

You can set up a scene where the elf is dressed up as a candy cane. You can find different elf costumes online which can also be a great way to bring a bit of whimsy. Or there can be bits and pieces of a candy cane leading to the spot that the elf is hiding in. Another idea is to have a toy parade with the elf at the helm. There can be toy cars, dolls, animals etc. in this parade looking like they had a grand time through the night. And another whimsical touch you can add to the elf on the shelf is to give them tiny binoculars that look like they are watching carefully for Santa’s arrival. This can be positioned closer to Christmas




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