Different Types of Awnings

Awnings are generally used in most homes. They are so versatile and they have many applications. You may have seen these in many commercial settings such as restaurants and other retail stores. If you are considering installing an awning for your building whether it is commercial or residential, you should have a good idea of the options you have so you know which suits you best. 

There are many supplies for awnings. You can actually find companies that specialise in arbours, awnings & fretwork as this will give you a lot of services under one roof. But you have to consider the reputation of the company and their reliability when making the final decision. When it comes to awnings, you may have seen retractable awnings which are quite popular. This allows you to have the best of both worlds. You can have shelter from the elements when you want. For example, you can have it extended on a sunny day so you can enjoy a meal or a conversation in the shade. But once you retract it, you will be able to have an intimate dinner under the stars which can be quite fun to experience. There are manual and automated retractable awnings and you can select one based on your preference and what is convenient for you. A motorised retractable awning can be operated by a sensor, remote control or button.

The sensor triggered awnings can be programmed to extend when the sun is hitting the area directly or if there is heavy wind. This makes things easier for you. You can also have these programmed to extend according to the time. For example, they can extend in the afternoon hours while retracting in the evening. The most common awnings that you may be familiar with are the fixed awnings that are mounted to the wall. This will permanently provide shelter to an area in your home. These are generally fixed over doors, windows and decks. You don’t need to do anything to it as it will stay fixed. There are also freestanding awning options. Some examples are canopies and umbrellas. These are generally limited by size. But you will be able to move it around the deck or patio as you like. The umbrellas can be fixed to outdoor tables like you would see in outdoor dining restaurants. This is also more affordable than covering the entirety of your deck.

When it comes to awnings, there are several components that make it up. There are many material options for the covering and you have to consider durability, resistance to UV and dirt as this will be weathering the elements for a long time. You should also check whether the material is able to retain the vibrancy of its colour for a longer time. There are different types of frames used the main ones being round tubing and square or rectangular tubing. If it is motorised, there will be a cassette which covers the motor and keeps the covering secure when it is retracted.




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