Back to School Essentials for Kids

The first day of school is one of the days kids get excited about. As parents, schooling our little one can be exciting yet a bit scary at some point. Just imagining them learning and playing with the other kids is enough to bring joy to every parent. However, we can get anxious sometimes since we want our kids to be fully prepared before they embark on their journey at school for the day.

Usually, teachers of younger children give the parents a list of what they will need in the classroom. However, there are still a lot of things that your child must have aside from those in the list. Here is the back to school basics every child needs.


A backpack is one of the essentials for school-aged children. Make sure to choose a sturdy and spacious one to handle all of your kid’s essentials such as books, notebooks, pencils, and many more. If your child has plenty of stuff to bring making the backpack too heavy to carry, some parents opt for trolley bags to make it convenient for the child. If you want to look for bags online for kids, there are plenty on offer. You can visit sites like for more back to school essentials for toddlers and kids.

Pencils and Pens

A child can never have enough pens and pencils. Aside from regular pencils, you can spice up your kid’s pen collection by adding a few washable markers, colored pencils, and crayons. For older children, they might find an erasable pen and mechanical pencil useful.

Water Bottle

Keeping your child hydrated at school is essential. There are plenty of options to choose from when choosing a water container. Some children love drinking on a tumbler with a straw while others are comfortable on regular ones. For younger children, a stainless steel tumbler is best since it doesn’t break. If your child is older and already more careful, you can let him use a glass tumbler with a silicon sleeve.

Notebooks and a Planner

Notebooks are essential for every student since this is where they write notes about their lessons. However, keeping a planner handy is important so you can keep track of the due dates for homework and projects. 


Keeping your child well-nourished especially when you’re not around is a challenge. You can take your child with you when choosing a lunchbox so you’ll know what appeals to him. When your child loves the look of his lunchbox, most likely he is excited to eat from it. Remember to pack it with nutritious meals your kid loves.

Labels and Markers

Finding your child’s stuff mixed with other kid’s things is hard. A good fabric marker is your best bud when it comes to labelling your child’s uniforms. A stick-on label is great for marking your child’s books, notebooks, lunchbox, and other belongings. That way, you’ll be sure it doesn’t get exchanged with others.

What are you waiting for? Shop now and make your kids ready for school with these essentials. 




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