5 Things to Consider to Find the Best Tea Cups

Who doesn’t love tea? It is strong, aromatic, and very flavorful. Depending on the teacup you own, your experience drinking the liquid would differ. We discussed all the points to help you find the best one below.

How Does It Look?

Tea cups have increasingly become ornamental over time. More and more people are purchasing sets to display at home, rather than drinking tea from them.

You want cups that would catch anyone’s attention. Go for ones that have intricate designs, preferably with gold-plating. They’d exude luxury.

If you want, you could go the glass tea cup route too. It’d turn heads, as not many tea cups are made from the material.

Porous vs Non-Porousmaterials

You want cups made from materials that are non-porous materials that have fine holes in them. The molecules that influence the flavor and aroma in tea would be trapped inside of them. This would result in a drinking experience that’d not be as nice as it could be.

What materials are non-porous? Glass is a good choice. Look at anything made from ceramic and porcelain too.

Cup Size

You might not realize that the dimensions of your cup influence how strong your tea would be. You don’t want one with a wide rim – the drink would cool faster. A cup that is tall and narrow would keep the tea hotter, which would result in it being more concentrated.

Think about it, being wider, there is more surface area being exposed to the environment. This causes the heat from the drink to escape faster.

Personally, a cup that has a wide rim is harder to drink from than a narrow and tall one. The latter looks better too.

How Thick Is Its Lip?

Not only do you need to know how wide the rim is, but it’s important that you make sure its lip is not too thick either. One that is thin would let you sip easily; the tea would roll into your mouth. Thankfully, cups with thick lips are out of fashion, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this point too much.

Stay Clear of Steel

Steel tea cups can be bought. They look good, but that’s about it. You can’t use them to drink tea well, as they conduct too much heat. You’d burn yourself trying to hold them.

The metal is porous as well, so the drink wouldn’t be as flavorful or aromatic as it could be. Unfortunately, the steel might leach toxins as well.

Speak of toxics leaching, plastic tea cups also exist. They’re meant for kids. If you want to purchase plastic cups for your little ones, make sure that they’re BPA free. Toxins won’t leach into the hot tea when poured.

Final Thoughts

Let’s summarize everything discussed. Teacups come in all shapes, sizes and are made from a variety of materials. Depending on its dimensions and the material it was made from, how tasty your tea would be, would depend.


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