Your Baby’s First Vacation Away From Home!

There comes a time when your baby has to experience life and enjoy holidaying away from home!  However, it is a daunting prospect to take the plunge and take your baby on a long tour especially to a foreign country such as Australia.  Taking certain baby travel basics will make all the change to the enjoyment of you and baby on tour!  Here are some of the complete baby travel basics if you want to take your precious little one on vacation;

Baby Travelling Stroller And Stroller Sun Shade

Even though a travelling stroller is not used on a daily basis at home, it is a must-have item while travelling.  Choose stroller models that are easy to fold and lightweight.  The fully reclining position of such strollers ensures that your baby, even new-borns, have very comfortable sleeping positions.  The large expandable hood and sunshade protect your baby from the incessant sun.

The Sun Shade baby stroller cover also blocks flying critters coming into contact with him.  It is a great solution to your napping baby, as it serves as a snug, dark cocoon and blocks out any distractions.

First-Aid Kit

A travel-sized first-aid kit that travels with your family, stocked with medicines from home surely has a soothing effect.  It is always a hassle to not know what foreign brands of medicines to buy and where to buy them, especially during a first-aid emergency situation. 

Backpack Nappy Bags

Nappy bags are packed full of features so as to make available to you and your baby everything you need right at your fingertips, especially when you travel.  Some of the designer nappy bags include a water-resistant finish, thermal bottle holder, portable change mat and stroller straps.  Nowadays, nappy bags come as satchels, totes, travel nappy bags etc. A backpack nappy bag australia is a unique design that has ample space for all your baby’s needs while on the move.  You can carry it with ease wherever you travel and enjoy the wonders of your holiday away from home.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a very comfortable device to transport babies on tours.  You can even walk up and down the aisle of a plane with them strapped on to you to calm them when they are restless!  When you disembark, most of the time you have to walk some distance through the airport to exit.  It is also useful when you are touring rugged terrains and hiking, walking strips where you can’t bring your vehicle closer.

Baby Float

A baby float is definitely a pool essential on holidays – whether it is the well-maintained swimming pools of hotels or the peaceful and tranquil rock pools amidst small hills.  It gives parents peace of mind and helps them enjoy their pool time.

Sterilising Bags

If you bottle-feed your baby, you have to haul a huge load while on travel.  To solve this the issue, easily sterilize your baby bottles in sterilizing bags that can hold the water and sterilizing tablets along with the baby utensils.




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