Tips for a More Accessible Workplace

During our regular interactions with the majority of visually impaired people in public places, we have noticed that most of them talk about a lack of tactile markers or platforms when commuting. This merely illustrates the fact that people still need to concentrate on promoting awareness about a more inclusive environment so that visually impaired people can easily partake in the most essential activities such as casually walking down a crowded street, travelling in public transportation, sitting in a crowded restaurant, and so on. 

A person who struggles with their vision will encounter a variety of challenges in the wider environment. They have a tough time walking, and it is hard for them to cross the busy road. At subway and bus terminals, it may be difficult to locate suitable platforms for your train or bus. They will have a far more difficult time using public transit. They have trouble going up and down stairs, and they struggle to walk on uneven ground. They also have trouble going to public venues like shopping centres, cafes, movie theatres, and other popular destinations in a timely and hassle-free manner. The addition of tactile tiles from tactile safety products Melbourne is necessary for the modern age. These are only some of the challenges that persons who are visually impaired face daily, both in their environments and in the environments around them.

Tactile indications are not only prevalent in the outside world but they may also be utilized to assist visually impaired individuals in navigating theirhomes. There are a lot of visually impaired persons who have different aids, such as tactile indications and other devices, installed in their homes and offices to help them function more effectively.

The following are some suggestions for maintaining a safe working environment for visually impaired individuals: Take into consideration the room’s arrangement; everyone will find it simpler to go in straight lines. Make sure that you inform them in advance if you are going to place anything on their workstation, even a cup of tea. It is not a good idea to extend wires from one workstation to the next or through the hallways. Maintaining uniform light levels over the entirety of the structure will help prevent confusion. Controlling the amount of light that comes into the office may be accomplished with the help of vertical blinds. Think of redecorating the workplace with colour; use it to differentiate the seats from the tables from the carpeting, and so on. Create colour contrast around the door frames.

Children may benefit from the introduction of tactile components, such as rails, which make it easier for them to move along a wall. The text on any signage should be easy to see and should be positioned at a height that is comfortable to read from. Keep trash objects, such as boxes, and bins, along with other things that might be easily neglected and result in a tripping hazard, out of the walkways. When reading printed materials, they may make use of specialized task lighting, for example, a magnifying lens in conjunction with focused light that is placed on the workstation.




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