The Best Sports Related Dates

If you’re dating a lover of all things physical, the below activities would make for the best dates. If you’re interested, keep reading.

Mini Golf

Mini golf isn’t a high endurance sport. However, it encompasses physical activity as well as the wonder of nature. Its slow pace allows for an easy going activity to do on your date. What’s best is there plenty of minigolf courses scattered about. So, you’ll never have a place to go, especially since it’s incredibly cheap.


If you two are fans of the sport, spending time playing golf together would be a great way to pass time. Once you’re done with it, you can feast at the golf club, enjoying some fine wine and a good meal.


Hiking isn’t a good idea for a first date as it’s not romantic enough. However, it’s perfect for a date later on in your relationship. As the two of you love spending time outdoors, going on a hike is great as you can stay fit and enjoy each other’s company as you test each other’s limit. Moreover, hiking with a partner is known to increase productivity, letting the two of you accomplish much more than you would’ve hiking alone.

Rock Climbing

Not everyone goes rock climbing. So, taking your date here would be a good idea as they can try out something new. Not only is it a great experience but is incredibly fun, especially when you have a partner. Not only is it fun and physically enduring, it stimulates your brain as well, which is something not a lot of physical activities can accomplish. That being said is the cheapest option from this list as you’ll have to spend hourly.

Go See a Live Show

Do the two of you share a favorite sport? If you do, bonding over it can make for great dates. The best way for you to achieve this would be to go for your favorite team’s game. Going to see the live show would strengthen the connection between you two as you’ll share the joy of hopefully, seeing your team win. If not, cheering on in excitement would help this.

See a Tournament

If you’re lucky enough a sports tournament will hit your town- the greatest being the Olympics. If you can, scoring tickets for the show would be great as you’re a part of a once in a life time experience. Even if you’re not fond of the game(s), you can cheer your country on which would be a great experience for you two to share. If you’re an Aussie you’re in luck as the Australian Open is coming next year. So, be sure to get your hands on some Australian Open tickets.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is the best. It would make for the perfect first date as it is the ultimate fun activity. The best thing is it’s great in groups so if you want, you can tag your friends along. As you can see, there are numerous fun ways you can plan dates with your sporty counterpart.


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