Protecting the legs of your horses

If you are a rider who cares about your horse, I am sure you’ve heard about horse boots. There are different types of horse boots and today let use see what are horse boots and what are Their actually uses.

Horse boots are protective equipment which is made to protect a horse’s lower leg and tendons from trauma. These areas are prone to injuries are horses run fast. There could be trauma due to hair or walking or harsh lands. These boots can also act as shock absorbers, which can help other injuries in their legs. Horse boots are horses engaging in sporting activities. Horses which are used in sports are expected to run as fast as they can, and this can lead to very injuries to the legs.

Different types of boots:

Overreach boots: also known as bell boots, these boots are wrapped around the hoof. These boots protect the hoof and heels too. This also helps prevent overreaching, the process of hitting the front heel with the rear toes. This can cause Injuries to the front heels, so these boots can prevent them. It’s best to consider buying boots which are made of neoprene. This is a good shock absorber, and it will not let heat get trapped in the heels. When the heat gets trapped, it can cause infections, and it can be uncomfortable for the horse.

Fetlock boots: also known as ankle boots or brushing boots. These are worn in the hind legs of horses. These are generally used with tendons boots to protect injuries caused in horses while jumping.

Tendon boots: these boots are used specially to protect the tendons of the horse. Tendons can be more prone to injuries when the horses run with maximum speed. These boots are normally worn on the front legs, but there are boots which can be worn both in front and hind legs. These are also important to protect the legs of horses while jumping. These boots also protect the inside of the legs. It’s good to consider getting boots made of neoprene, which can be cleaned easily and doesn’t trap heat. It’s also essential these boots are made of shockproof material.

Polo wraps: these are wraps like bandages. These provide tendon support and leg protection, both. These are mainly used in young horses because they have no control of their bodies or in horses while exercising. It’s essential to make sure polo wraps are worn properly by the horses, or it can increase the risk of bowed tendon while exercising.

Therapeutic boots: these boots are used to relive pain in horses. These boots can be warm or cold. These boots are used for the purpose of healing, not for protection. These boots can be used after every ride to help the horse heal the injuries. These help increase blood floor and therefore make the healing process easier and quicker.

It’s vital to take care of our horses as riders. Safety and health of horse is critical.




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