Everything You Need To Know About Creating Your Photography Portfolio

So, you’re a photographer that’s new to the business, eh? Great! Where do you start? None other than your portfolio of course. You probably know what a portfolio is, so I am not going to explain it to you. Now, it is single-handedly the most important aspect of any photographer’s work as this is your first line of defense- how you book your clients. What good is all your expensive equipment if you have no one to use it for? And how will you get anyone to use it on? Simple- attracting clients to pick you by wowing them with your array of work.

This is why you need to know how to have the perfect portfolio. We’ll get you there, don’t worry. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to.

What Will Your Pictures Be?

Try and utilize everything as possible- use your family, friends and local environment as canvases for your portfolio. This is cost free and will help build your repertoire. However, try and get some professional shots by finding a studio near you that you can rent such as studio hire in sydney. This will show your clients your more professional, refined pieces.

You Need To Specialize

Having a huge portfolio is great as it shows clients the vast detail in your work. This will make them sure if they want to hire you or not. However, sometimes it can get a bit boring. There are a few ways to fix this problem. Let me tell you the easiest.

Learn to specialize and divide. This means that if you want to attract brides and grooms, make a separate portfolio on weddings. If you want to attract clients for parties and formal functions, make a portfolio specifically for that. This will help your clients save time.

Learn To Fine-Tune It

Now, how would you know what pictures your portfolio needs? This is simple. If you have pictures that are similar, you need to pick only 1 of them as you don’t want clutter. And, remember to spread your talent evenly across as it would be a shame if you put all your best pictures at the beginning of the portfolio- If you do this you’ll leave your clients dissatisfied once they reach the end.

Where Would You Be Without The Internet?

When people say we live in a digital age, they’re not kidding. We spend most of our days scrolling through social media. This is why submitting your portfolio online is your best bet to attract potential clients. You can do this by the most popular way there is- Instagram.

What you need to do is make an Instagram account for your work and think about making some of your posts sponsored so that it shows up on potential buyers’ Instagram feed.

If that’s not for you, having a website for your work would do but it’s not as successful as the social media method.

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