7 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Save The Future Of Our World

You don’t have to be an active protestor against zoos and captive animals to be a champion of the Earth and its animals. You don’t even have to partake in beach cleanup project every weekend to feel as though you’ve done your part in saving nature. Instead, doing these simpler things below will be sufficient…!

Say No To One-Time Use Plastic

One-time use plastic is one of nature’s biggest enemies, as it gets used for mere minutes, but takes centuries to decompose. As a result, those plastic spoons and straws that we use so carelessly will be lying around this Earth, even when we are long gone. Be the guardians of our future in the simplest way; carry your own set of reusable spoons and straws.

Eliminate The Need For Plastic Baggies And Shopping Bags

Be an Earth-friendly shopper by carrying your own reusable shopping bags with you while shopping. Have an extra set always in your car or handbag for the days you have to shop unexpectedly, or for when you forget to bring along your shopping bag. Use containers to take home loose/dry rations.

Be More Responsible About Waste Dividing

Dividing and disposing of waste is an effort done worldwide, so everyone knows not to throw their plastics with their food waste. However, not a lot of people do this responsibly. There may be food in the food containers that you throw, or bits and pieces of paper or plastic in the food waste. This makes it harder for those taking care of your waste to do their job effectively.

Avoid Burning Leaves

Whether we admit it or not, burning leaves is something all garden owners tend to do; even in today’s date and time. As a result, they add harmful and toxic particles into the air; creating air pollution. Even if you don’t do so, warn your neighbors and friends who do so about the harm it causes.

Buy Organic And Vegan Clothing Whenever Possible

There are many chemicals used in making modern clothing; and some of these clothing happens to be not only harmful to your skin, but to the Earth as well, when discarded. We understand that these clothing tend to be a little more expensive than the chemical filled options; so do your best to at least buy the oft discarded clothing items (like underclothes) vegan and organic.

Buy Cruelty Free Makeup

Modern makeup is notorious for not only using child labor, but also for testing products on animals. These tests are done until a product is deemed safe for humans; regardless of how many animals they’ll have to test it on to achieve it. Whenever possible, opt for brands that have opted to be animal cruelty free; wear your makeup guilt free.

Use Less Paper, And Use Paper Consciously

For centuries now, paper has been made out of various types of leaves. This means the more paper you waste, the more trees would have been sacrificed for waste. Do your best to use digital means to keep your records; be that it’s for work or school. If you have to use paper, make sure to make the best of it. The use of recycled is highly recommended here.




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