5 Fantastic Gifts To Get Your Book-Crazy Girlfriend

Well, guys, we all know how hard it is to get a serious girlfriend who would one day become the perfect life partner. Well, what would you do once you find this amazing girl and find out that what she craves the most as gifts are things related to her book-world fantasies? We compiled five super-cool gifts for you that would come in handy when you’re at a loss as to what to buy her. So dive in, and thank us later.

1)     Get Her a Custom-Made Book Pillow

It’s only natural that you think of books when you have to buy a gift for a bookworm! Well, it does seem pretty straightforward, but you run the risk of buying her a book that she might have already read. Or worse, you could buy her a book from a genre that she completely hates. Yikes! The safest option is to get a custom made pillow that is shaped just like a book. For bonus points, find out her favourite book and print her favourite two pages on the pillow.

2)     A Gift Hamper to Soothe the Book Dragon in Her!

Well, the thing about bookworms is, they’re pretty low-maintenance. You don’t have to gift your pretty bookworm gold to make her happy. But why not gift her a hamper specifically made for the book dragon in her! You can include bath salts, an exfoliating towel, champagne and flowers for good measure. Plus, including a floral notebook with a fancy pen would be an excellent gift for her inner poet! There are various types of hampers that you can find, and you can shop the range online if you know where to look!

3)     Pretty Soy Candles that Smell Like Old Books- or New!

You can include pretty soy candles that smell like old books. Most bookworms just adore the smell of old books. But be sure to check that out with your girlfriend because some love the smell of new books compared to the old ones.

4)     How About a Lamp Shaped Like a Book?

Most book-crazy girls love to fall asleep while they are reading. Some prefer to read even after they switch the lights off. Usually, they use the torch in their phones to read at night. Why not surprise your girlfriend with a book-shaped lamp? She will definitely get crazy over this type of gift as it frees her from holding the phone plus, her room will be flooded by a light that will remind her of the moonbeams at night.

5)     A Leather Phone Case That Looks like a Book!

Book lover or not, everyone simply adores their mobile phones. In this new age, we can’t even think of living without our phones when all our daily routines revolve around them. Your pretty book lover will love you a little bit more when you gift her one of these as this will help her to share her love of books with the world.

There you go! Giving these gifts will not only make that special girl in your life swoon over you, but it will also chase away potential gold-diggers as well.




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