How to Find the Right Plumber to Unclog a Drain

You should ideally have the emergency number for a plumber stuck to your refrigerator just in case. You never know when the kitchen sink would get blocked. Clogged drains can cause serious issues in the house, and may even threaten the integrity of the plumbing pipes. Here are several useful tips for choosing a plumber you won’t regret:

Find a Local Licensed Plumber

Not all states require plumbers to be licensed. But if you are looking for a true professional, then a license is a must. A licensed plumber can not only easily fix your blocked drains Pakenham, the person can also recommend preventive issues. There’s another advantage to a license: if there are complaints against the plumber, these would have been filed under the license number. You can call in the licensing authority and request useful information like this before hiring the plumber.

Look Up the Website

Websites are a great source information to learn what a plumbing service is really like. You can look up detailed information regarding the services the plumber offers. You can also read testimonies and possibly customer reviews. These days most plumbers launch websites, so it won’t be hard to find the information you need.

Read Customer Reviews

The testimonies you read on a plumber’s website may be overwhelmingly positive, which is why these end up on the website anyway. For a more unbiased view, head over to review aggregate website or the company’s Facebook page for both positive and negative reviews. Both can assist in your information gathering process.

Seek Recommendations

References can be even more important than reviews. If you are really not sure whom to hire, ask your friends, colleagues, or family for recommendations. The referee will be able to tell you why what made the plumber great or not so great.

Insurance is a Must

Homeowners insurance covers some aspects of plumbing issues. All in all, plumbing jobs are largely safe. But if your plumber does get into an accident, liability insurance coverage would be most useful. Insurance covers the worker in case of an injury.  Plus, a good policy would also cover you, the homeowner, in case of plumbing-related incident. Unclogging a drain, however, rarely leads to incidents. Then again, better safe than sorry.

Look for an Experienced Master Plumber

Vocational jobs like plumbing do through a different technical education system. You may see plumbers describing themselves as masters, journeymen, or apprentices. Master plumbers are the most experienced while apprentices are in the first years of training. Unclogging the shower doesn’t take that much experience, of course. But clogging can be caused by complicated issues like tree roots. You will need a master or a journeyman plumber for the best service.


Getting rid of a clogged up sink or a bathtub, may require replacing some parts. If these parts come from the plumber directly, request a warranty. The plumber must guarantee that the replacement parts work as the warranty suggests on the long run.

Once you look at the above factors, you will be able to choose the best suited plumber for the job.



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