How to Plan an X-Rated Birthday Party?

Who says birthday parties are just for kids? The birthday party industry is skewed towards the kiddies so you might not think there’s anything other than unicorn balloons and cartoon character cakes that adults can choose. If you are above the age of 22, then you are allowed to throw an outlandish birthday party just for the adults. Here are some ideas for planning a birthday party for a guy or a gal that grandma certainly wouldn’t approve:

Choose an Outrageous Theme

Up the stakes for the party with an R-rated theme that would surprise the birthday girl or guy (pleasantly). The guests would never be bored with raunchy elements like a local Perth stripper. Theme ideas include casinos, the VIP room of a strip joint, or a period set from decadent Rome. If you have the budget, you can book a special venue that embodies the spirit of the event. The better option is to decorate the home so partygoers can enjoy themselves without worrying about privacy.

Let the Alcohol Freely Flow

It’s not an adults-only party without gallons of booze to consume. So make sure there’s an open bar, or at least plenty of high-end whine or whiskey bottles. Someone can volunteer to mix cocktails or possibly hire an actual bartender to create special drinks for the event. Before allowing alcohol, it’s best to get the okay from the birthday celebrant. Do keep safety concerns in mind when introducing alcohol to an event like a birthday. If everyone is okay with it, then let the liquid fun begin.

Host the Party by a Pool

You know it’s a birthday party for the times when everyone can let loose and get a little bit naked. Host the party by a pool so people can really shed the garments and cool off in the water. It’s also a great excuse to host a birthday party in nothing but a swimming suit. Be aware that it would be wild and loud when there’s a pool involved.

Be Innovative with the Shape of the Cake

Ditch the traditional, boring cake shapes like cars or houses. Up the fun with a crazy cake shape that only adults can appreciate. Successful R-rated birthday’s features cakes in the shape of male genitalia, stripping poles, butts in jeans and, you get the idea. The cake should be enjoyable to look at as it is to eat.

It’s not just the cake that can be NSFW. Party planners can get innovative with the snacks as well. Penis-shaped cake pops anyone?

Drop the Penis Balloons

You can’t make a birthday party truly X-rated without insane decorations. Why choose regular balloons when you can make everyone giggle with penis-shaped balloons? Kids have balloon animals; let the adults have their penis balloons.

When planning the party, don’t forget the golden rule of safety first. Considering that the party would be mixing alcohol with a lot of fun, make sure no one is injured in the process. Advice guests to bring designated drivers if they plan on drinking. Note down everyone’s allergies. Above all, make sure the guests understand that the party will be super adult themed so no one is unnecessarily offended.


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