Gaming and How Important Are the Drivers Are In Your Headphones

The world of gaming has progressed immensely in the last decade or so and this has brought up an advancement in the technology of sound and audio supporting it. Most modern games come with killer sounds so a pair of killer headphones to accompany this would be an ideal complimentary good.  A pair of high-end in-ear stereo headphones would take your gaming experience to the next level. The fact that good quality headphones with in-ear designs come at an affordable price is actually a blessing in disguise for most hard-core gamers. After all who said headphones are for just for listening to music?

The Technicality Of It All

Ever wondered what actually gives you the audio output from your headphones? We use headphones on an almost daily basis, yet very few know about the technical jargon behind it. Let’s get through it. The electrical signal that goes from your device to the headphone is converted into audio by a small magical unit inside your headphones called a “driver.” Think of them as your own personal speaker. The unit itself is a small magnet consisting of voice coils and a diaphragm. It is a combination of these units working together that gives us the sound we listen to almost every single day.

How Is Sound Generated?

The diaphragms in your headphone driver displace air and generate the sound with the assistance of the voice coils in place. Some of the best in ear headphones come with multiple drivers for each ear, which greatly enhances the quality of the audio you are listening to. Another benefit that extra drivers would give a user is that it would allow you to listen to a wider spectrum of frequencies meaning you could go from a Josh Groban song to Metallica with a painless transition. These drivers welcome both high-pitched and low-pitched frequencies.

Does Size Matter?

In this case, not necessarily, it’s actually the size of the driver inside those counts. While your headphones might be huge it doesn’t necessarily mean they pack in a lot of output. Many people get hoodwinked with the size of a pair of headphones while actually it is the size of the driver that makes the difference. In-ear models tend to have quite a considerable sized driver inside of them. Sizes of driver units range from 8mm to 50mm. A 50mm driver, for example, would be an absolute monster and give you killer sounds but of course, these won’t be the most budget-friendly headphones out there. In-ear designs that look like ear buds have the type of housing for bigger drivers, so look out for these. High-quality gaming headphones normally come with multiple drivers to the couple themselves with modern high-end games and deliver the best to your ears.

Consider When Shopping

Knowing the technology behind headphones would greatly assist us in making a great choice while purchasing, so do your research before you head out. Next time you shop for the perfect pair of headphones don’t be fooled by the size, rather inquire about what it packs inside. If it has multiple drivers or quite a big single one, the chances are that you just landed yourself a pair of excellent headphones.


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