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Freqently Asked Questions

What if I am not comfortable about paying online?

Please do not be as all our orders are processed directly through the WESTPAC gateway!

Where do you deliver?

We delivery Australia wide.

For international orders please email us for a quote (postage and handling).
Please note: For all international deliveries we highly recommend you purchase INSURANCE. When you purchase insurance, you receive:

•coverage against loss, theft or damage of your international mail
•proof of posting
•secure handling
•a signature on delivery

Please note: Making an Insurance Claim for INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ONLY: A claim form must be completed within 6 months of the lodgement date of the article, or 30 days in the case of an Express Courier International or Express Post International (Parcels) article. Please contact us if parcel does not arrive within a reasonable time frame so that we can trace your parcel through Australia Post.

What does delivery cost?

We offer a flat rate service of only $14.95 PER ORDER (max 15kg) to all states within Australia, except for LARGE/HEAVY items. We are happy to offer FREE TRACKING via Australia Post. Please note: FREE DELIVERY offers and special promotions are at the discretion of Gr8 Toys.Please subscribe to our free E-Newsletters for updates.

Larger/ heavier items may be charged more but all delivery fees will be on your product screen PRIOR to placing your order! NO HIDDEN FEES!

Can you deliver to PO BOXES?

Yes we can.

How long is a DELIVERY QUOTE for a specific order or item valid for, if the item is sent direct from a distributor?
Delivery quotes are only valid for as long as the distributor or courier company maintains that price. If their prices go up, then a change to the delivery cost will need to be applied. We will try to advise you if prices are to go up.

Can I PICK UP my order?

No, unfortunately, we can not offer pick ups at this time.

Do you have gift certificates?

Gr8 Toys does offer gift vouchers. Please see online under Brands - Gr8 Toys. Gift voucher only orders have no delivery charge.

How does a promotional code work?

If you have a promotional code or discount offer from one of our affiliate companies simply write the code in the PROMOCODE box and that discount will automatically be applied. Please note that the discount is off the RRP not the sale price. For example: If the RRP is $100 and a 15%off code is applied you will be charged $85. If the item is already on sale at 20%off the RRP then no further discount applies.

Can I use a promotional discount card or code at the same time that another offer is in place?

Unfortunately, no! Only one discount offer or promotion is valid per order. For example - If we have a FREE DELIVERY offer you will need to decide which offer you would prefer - free delivery or promotional discount. Only one offer is valid at any one time. By inserting a PROMOCODE you will automatically receive that discount and the free delivery offer becomes void. We recommend that you compare the end price with and without the promo code attached.

How long does it take for orders to be processed?

In stock orders are processed within 3-5 business days. Please allow 2 - 14 working days for delivery depending on destination (excluding weekends and public holidays). All toys are dispatched within 3-5business days. Due to the increased volume of sales and wrapping requests during the CHRISTMAS peak period, orders may experience an additional 3-7 business days delay in shipping. We will endeavour to get your order to you as quickly as we can!

Please allow for the following delivery times:
  • Victoria - approx. 1-3 days
  • NSW - approx. 3-7 days
  • SA - approx. 3-7 days
  • Qld - approx. 3-7 days
  • Tas - approx. 3-7 days
  • N.T - approx. 3- 10 days
  • W.A - approx. 3-10 days

What do I do if my parcel does not show up within a reasonable time frame?

Please contact us immediately via EMAIL! We can not, unfortunately, trace your order if you advise us weeks or months after the order has been dispatched! Please note: Gr8 Toys can not take responsibility for parcels that are lost by our courier services, but we will make every effort to assist in replacing the order via insurance claim. In order for us to trace your parcel we will need your order number. Please note: As per courier policy orders may not be trackable after 4 weeks of dispatch. As per Aus Post policy we must complete a claim form within 6 months of the lodgement date of the article, or 30 days in the case of an Express Courier International or Express Post International (Parcels) article. Please contact us if you are concerned about your parcel! We are always happy to assist! Orders should be received within delivery frames listed above! Please do not forget that your TRACKING NUMBER plus COURIER used is stated in your DESPATCH EMAIL. Please use this information to track your parcel so that you do not miss out on delivery!

Are toys in stock?

All toys are in stock and available for dispatch. Unfortunately, there is occasionally an inventory error and that last item may be sold out. In this insistence, we will contact you immediately to process a refund or allow you to select a suitable alternative. You may also elect to wait for more stock. Please note: Gr8 Toys does not file/ collect customer credit card details for PRIVACY and SECURITY reasons. You will need to contact us with your credit card details to organise a refund back to the SAME credit card.

How do i check how many in stock?

To check the quantity of each item, please click on the " Quantity" button. Please do not place the same item twice into your shopping cart when quantity listed is ONE! Our program will only remove items as they are purchased not as they go into the shopping cart!If you require more than one item of an item that is limited in stock, please contact us on 1300 gr8toys. We will advise if we are able to get more stock in for you!

If I don't add a gift card how will the recipent know it is from me?

Gr8 Toys will add a "On behalf of" note to your parcel. No invoices, receipts or prices are included in the order!

What will my order come in?

All orders are dispatched in either: courier satchels, padded post bags, expandable tough bags, recycled cardboard boxes or are brown paper wrapped, depending on your order. In an effort to protect our environment Gr8 Toys does recycle quality boxes and sometimes packaging where necessary and we hope that our customers do not mind! Please note: All gift wrapping, ribbons and gifts tags and cards are brand new!

What happens to my order if I am not home?

Aus Post will leave a card and you will need to pick up your order from the local post office during business hours.

Can I add to my order or make changes?

Yes, if your order has not been processed or dispatched. Simply call us with your changes plus credit card details and we will process the changes over the phone. Please note: We do not store customers' credit card numbers!

Please note: that items marked "HEAVY" will be charged as a single item order due to size/weight/girth. Customers can not include other items in this order. All extra items will be included in a second order/charge.

What if I see a better price elsewhere?

Please email us with the details! We will try and match competitors' in stock prices! We can not match prices after an order has been placed!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

No, we no longer offer this option.

How can we place an order if we are a Kindergarten? Can we be invoiced?

Yes, we do accept orders from kindergartens, child care centres, toy libraries, etc. All orders are payment before dispatch. Simply email us your order and contact details and we will send you an invoice. Once paid your order will be dispatched.

Why are toys sorted in developmental areas? What are developmental areas?

At Gr8 Toys we acknowledge that children learn through play. A child's early childhood development is categorised into different areas. Hence our early childhood trained staff have sorted toys into those areas for easier selection of appropriate developmental toys. This is to assist both teachers and parents looking for appropriate toys! The basic early childhood developmental areas plus description and suitable TOY IDEAS are listed below.

Cognitive/Intellectual Development/ LEARNING

Through the opportunity to explore, experiment and experience your child will learn about himself/ herself and the world around them as well as extend and develop new concepts, learn to process information and extend attention and memory abilities. Your child will be encouraged to use their senses – the primary channels through which we encounter our environment, natural curiosity and problem solving skills to develop intellectually. Depending on your child’s stage of development these toys may include tactile play mats, soft books, cot toys such as mobiles, sensory dominoes, science kits, matching games, jigsaws and simple board games.

Creative Development/ LEARNING

Through open ended play opportunities your child will be able to explore a variety of materials and tools and express themselves creatively and freely. Depending on your child’s stage of development your child will be offered craft materials, music, building blocks, etc.
Please note that many early childhood professionals believe that colour-in books are not developmentally appropriate for children under 5 years of age. This activity stifles a child’s creativity and confines them within a limited space. Large drawing pads and crayons are a preferable alternative. Encourage your child to draw freely without imposing adult expectations.

Language Development/ COMMUNICATION

Through the opportunity to play, interact, listen and share experiences your child will be offered the opportunity to extend their language skills, i.e., the ability to use a code of sounds, word structures and signals to communicate our thoughts and emotions. Depending on your child’s stage of development your child will be offered the opportunity to extend their language through the use of books, flash cards, social games, nursery rhymes, puppets, etc.

Social /Emotional Development/ IDENTITY/ COMMUNITY

Through the opportunity to play and express themselves your child will be able to develop a sense of self, develop confidence, learn about social interactions, including conflict resolution and the building of friendships. Through play your child will be given the opportunity to learn to identify, control, process emotions and express a wide range of positive and negative feelings. Through socio-dramatic or pretend play your child will be able to take on roles and act out real life scenarios, all in preparation for the world outside.Depending on your child's stage of development these toys include: dress ups, doll houses, tea sets, dolls, simple interative games..etc.

Physical Skills - Fine Motor/ WELLBEING

The development of fine motor skills involves the development of the SMALL muscle groups of the HAND, e.g., palm, fingers. The development of these muscles allows for greater hand strength, dexterity, coordination of hand movement, manipulation of tools and equipment and more developed hand – eye coordination. Depending on your child’s stage of development your child will be encouraged to reach, grasp, manipulate, construct, thread, cut, button, etc. These skills will eventually assist in the formation of a mature pencil grip and ultimately lead to writing. The most appropriate toys include baby activity toys, construction sets, lacing cards, threading sets,and eventually large drawing tools ...etc.

Physical Skills - Gross Motor/ WELLBEING

The development of gross motor skills involves the development of the LARGE muscle groups of the BODY, e.g., arms, legs, back, abdomen and head. The development of these muscles allows for greater movement around the child’s environment in a more complex way. Depending on your child’s stage of development your child will be encouraged to practice various skills including: lifting their head, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing and pedaling.The most appropriate toys include baby activity toys and mats that encourage tummy time,bikes and trikes, toddler ride ons, balls and bats,and out door sets,...etc.

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