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The Freckled Frog Reward Chart Butterfly

The Freckled Frog Reward Chart Butterfly (SFRB204)

The Freckled Frog Reward Chart Butterfly

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Is your child learning to say please or just needing some positive motivation to finish their homework? Starting potty training or won't tidy their room? Recommended by childcare professionals worldwide, reward charts are just the tool you need to gently encourage them. Praising your child is the best way to promote good behaviour. It's important to give your child clear boundaries and goals for their actions. Allowing your child to help choose the final reward gives them ownership over their behaviour teaching valuable lessons regarding consequences of actions which can be used throughout their life. Whether it be a special activity with a parent, a toy or a trip to the movies, once your child has earned the reward they'll be all the more ready to maintain their good behaviour if you give it to them promptly. A much loved aspect of our charts is the plastic pockets allowing the chart to be 100% interchangeable and therefore relevant over a wide age range. The parents can also choose and change the desired behaviour, growing with the child's developmental stages. Size 60cm x 45cm

Suitable Age of child:
Pre-schooler (3 - 5yrs), School age (5 - 8yrs)
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Brand: The Freckled Frog
Categories: Educational Toys
Gifts & Homewares
Developmental Areas: Fine motor
Social / Emotional

Other Pre-schooler (3 - 5yrs), School age (5 - 8yrs) Gr8 Toys

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